Apr 30, 2006

Personal test

sementara menunggu download selesai....aku baca blog ateh and find something interesting untuk mengisi masa.... ultimate personality test

dan ini lah result nyer....

Millionaire (huhuhuhu...cam tak caye jer...betul ke test ni???)

How You Approach Life
You, Millionaire, are primed for success and you won't stop until you get there. You're unusually ambitious, which is the distinctive edge you have on the competition. You can remain focused, even when distracted by the nonessential fringe issues that throw so many people off the road to glory. You are able to focus your strengths and energies where they are most needed — paving the way to the pot of gold. You work your way up, making connections and keeping within the safe boundaries of an office or business setting.

You aim to succeed in multiple realms of your life. But through it all, you also know how to impress people and have a good time. You're very ambitious and personable, and you've got a great sense of humor. That will carry you farther than people who just want to climb the corporate and social ladders of life at any expense.

You care a lot about how you look(is it??). You're bursting with self-confidence, and people admire you for your achievements and determination. For that reason, you like to look the part, and you take pride in dressing well and surrounding yourself with nice things. To some extent, your appearance reflects your position in life.

Professionally, you're extremely motivated. But in your search for perfection, you can sometimes be too critical of your work, and that can be destructive. Instead, focus on the successes you've already netted. People know that you're a solid, reliable person who can perform under pressure.

Any way you slice it, Millionaire, you're already rich.

Take Action
Your areas of greatest vulnerability
You've got so much going for you, it's unfortunate that competition and jealousy arise as your greatest vulnerabilities. Because you tend to vigilantly keep score of your own rewards, status and image in relation to others, you're constantly in danger of losing your security when you see someone who has something you would like. Be your best: By trying to develop a generous attitude toward other people's achievements and possessions, you can still enjoy the chase and the acquisition of life's pleasures — while avoiding being brought down by painful comparisons.

Section II — What makes you a Millionaire?

MillionaireYour personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types — your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type.

In your case, Millionaire, your two sub-types are Success and Thinker. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Thinker" characteristics.

Your primary type is Success
People with Success characteristics are generally driven by achievement and recognition of their talents — you are no different. You are motivated to work hard to have nice things. You also feel to some degree that your possessions reflect your hard work — something you're very proud of. You are compelled to excellence by a number of factors and strive to climb whatever ladders come your way — whether corporate or social. To succeed and make a good impression on others, you may focus on your external appearance. You have a tendency to see it as an indicator of your internal value.

Intellectually, you are goal-driven. You might focus on the end results more than the process that gets you through an issue. In terms of entertainment, you gravitate toward media that is sensual, sexy, flashy and loud — often avoiding media that is too introspective or sentimental ( hak hak hak...betul tu...buang masa and buang duit jer benda2 ni ).... You like to shop for anything from clothes to cars and enjoy reading magazines. Also, you most likely have a marked interest in your physical and mental health.

Deep Down
More than others, you have a highly developed sensitivity to other people. You are able to see the entire spectrum — not only of others' talents and abilities, but of your place relative to them. You have a deep-seated desire to figure out where you fit in the world and on occasion, this can manifest as a fear of unworthiness. You may feel that by looking like you are capable and deserving, it will make up for any possible underlying insecurities.

Your secondary type is Thinker
People with Thinker characteristics are extremely sensitive to external stimuli. They are extraordinarily aware of their surroundings — responding strongly to small changes that others might not even notice. They are also hyper-aware emotionally — reacting to, and analyzing changes to their environment ( abih camnor?...kadang2 try gak buat tak nampak...tp takleh nak biar camtu jer....). To combat the potential to get over-stimulated, Thinkers tend to move a bit more slowly and seek out calm environments that won't stress them out.

Intellectually, Thinkers like to dig deep into a problem to solve it — even when others grow impatient and move on to other subjects( ya betulll...selagi tak selesai...kena selesaikan..takkan nak tinggalkan hang camtu jer...). As consumers of entertainment, Thinkers enjoy media that is sentimental, peaceful, and like heartwarming stories. They tend to be interested in books, inspirational media, self-improvement, and arts and crafts.

hik hik hik....betul ke sume ni....ntah lah...korang rasa????...so sape2 nak try test diri sendiri..bleh aaa ke sini... ultimate personality test...


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