Aug 28, 2009

Cinta Sempurna

mentang2lah tengah dok bercuti panjang kan....asik2 dok buat entry cite tv jer...;)....nak wat camner jer lah xvtv yg boleh dibuat selain melayan budak2...;)

ni satu lagi cite yg aku dok layan skang ni...ari2 kol keje leh tgk lah mlm2 plak...kol 10...hari2 kat astro OASIS.....

aku suka...sangat best!....harap2 bnyk lagi lah cite2 islamik yg boleh di produce kan lepas ni...

Sedikit sinopsis dari Astro:

Dato´ Burhan a millionare and a prominant corporate figure gets his religious awareness after returning from performing his first umrah trip (pilgrimage). He wants to redeem all his sins ever committed in the past by dispatching by force his two children, Shila (14th) and Nazim (16th) to a traditional religious school where they had to stay in the school hostel which adhere to strict religious rules, routines and practices. This was done by Dato´ Burhan without first discussing the matter with his wife, Datin Zarina who at that particular time had a business trip in Europe.

Nazim and Shila whom since childhood had been accustomed with extravagant high luxurious life-style, try to revolt but failed. As a sign of protest they acted mischievously. This had caused great trouble to the religious school administrator and teachers. They had no alternative but had to request Dato´ Burhan and Datin zarina to take their children back.

Datin Zarina take this opportunity to confront and dispute his husband´s action for sending their children to the religious school without their childrens will. To avoid Datuk Burhan to further fetter their children with tight religious rule, Datin Zarina had taken a drastic decision by sending Najib and Shila to stay and study in London. Datin Zarina had a cousin that had long resides in London.

Ten years later Shila and Nizam came back to Malaysia. But to their father and mother´s surprised, through some intellectual discourse they started to dispute their religion and faith which they claimed is very orthodox and conservative. Datuk Burhan and Datin Zarina have to call a young ustaz (a religious teacher) Nazir who used to used to live overseas to correct their children aqidah (believe and faith) which had veered far. But Ustaz Nazir get a slap while trying to provoke the intelligence and hard stripling stance of Najib and Shila. However in doing so without the knowledge of Ustaz Nazri, Shila in silence secretly had fallen in love with ustaz Nazri.Unknown to Shila, Ustaz Nazir is in fact had tied up an engagement with one doctor Najihah. Ustaz Nazir faced a dilemma either to save Shila´s aqidah (believe and faith) or to remain loyal and faithful to his fiance

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